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Unsolicited and unedited comments from our clients:

I received the flute today at 8:30 AM just before I left for work. It's great! I played it today in a performance at the New York State Museum.

you have fixed my flute a few times and I love the job you do on my instrument.

Flute arrived safe and sound! Thanks so much. Sounds great unfortunately now I don't have an excuse for bad tones anymore...
It was a pleasure doing business with you. Great communication, very much appreciated.

The flute arrived. My daughter loves it! Thanks for the wonderful work. I will be recommending your services to anyone I hear needs flute repairs.
Hi Boris,
Got the flute. The headjoint looks great!!! The flute plays great!!!


Thanks for the cleaning, repadding and adjustment of my little old
Armstrong C flute. It plays again! And it's clean! And such quick

Thanks so much. I'll be back.



Boris and Jean,

Thank you so much. I received my new flute in record time, and could not be happier. I was just leaving as it arrived, but played for nearly an hour when I got home at midnight! What a fantastic flute. I had an opportunity to play many top flutes at a convention, including Muramatsu, Haynes, Altus and Brannen-Cooper. I kept going back to the Sonare. For me it just played and sounded better. That is when I decided that it would be my next flute. The one I received from you, however, plays even better. The tone and response are amazing. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!

Warmest regards.
Hello Boris,
Can't thank you enough for the wonderful sound you brought back to my 'student flute'. To increase my 'tuning range' I would like to find a longer silver head. Mine measures 9-7/16 inches. At least another inch would be nice. Any suggestions for hunting down a suitable head.

Hope all is well. I look forward to hearing from you.

Hello Boris!
Do you believe in miracles? I do now! My little Artley sounds like she did 35 years ago, thanks to your expert workmanship! Can't believe how rich and velvety those low notes sound, and what a clean f-sharp and clear high C note I'm getting in the upper register. Everything about my flute feels so fluid and it's so much easier to play! This transformation was made possible by the master flutemaker's hands!
A thousand thanks for all your hard work,


Hi Boris,

Thank you Thank YOU! My piccolo arrived back to me today, and it sounds and looks amazing! Please extend my thanks to Jean as well, you two make a great team!

Your check is in the mail!


Hi Boris,

I received my flute yesterday and it plays beautifully!
Thank you for getting it done so quickly.


I received the flute, thank you Boris. I only had minute to run
through it and the low range sounds much better anyways.
Thank you, Karen

Hi Boris,

My flute arrived safely late this morning. Sounds much better!



Hi Boris,
Sorry I didn't respond earlier to your e-mail. Our daughter graduated last weekend and we had a houseful of company. I got my flute yesterday which was just perfect because last night was my first rehearsal for flute choir. It plays so much better and I am glad we went with the repad. Thank you for your excellent work.


Dear Boris,
Thank you so much for the work you put in to making my flute sound, feel and play like a dream. I am finally back in love with it!
I will be sure to pass on your name and number to all my colleagues.


It plays wonderfully! Thank you so much for your wonderful work!!


My auditions went reaaly well! The flute is playing amazingly and i couldnt be any happier with it.


My flute got HOME today. I am thrilled beyond words. It's gorgeous, along with playing beautifully, despite me being out of practice. Thank you so much for the SPEEDY job. Thank you so very much AGAIN!!!


It just arrived and plays like a dream!!! Wow!! Thank-you so much! The tone is now so clear and so much lounder and fuller, I can feel a much quicker response, and I love the high e helper. Wow- My low C has never sounded so good! I'm so excited to play it!! A local guiatarist/singer was wanting to record a song with me- and I am now ready to go!!!! Thank-you so, so much! I will definitely keep it up the maintenance with you as advised!!


Flute arrived today and all I can say is wow! Playing is going to be fun again. Unfortunately the flute will not play itself and I have a lot of work to do. But for the first time in several years I am looking forward to it.

Low C just pops out now with a really great full mellow sound in the entire low octave. I am now trying to match that fullness up into the middle and upper octaves. Its there, I just have to learn how to get it out consistently again. I seem to have developed some bad lip habits trying to compensate for all of the leaks.

Don't know what you did, but the flute seems to be in better tune. C & C# are not sharp and E's not flat.

Love the pad job and the way the notes just jump out when the keys are pressed down. Resonance is better than it ever was.

Thanks again for your excellent work.


I have spent every spare minute playing ... playing ... playing my wonderful, beautiful new flute.

I felt a bit nervous as I unpackaged the flute from its shipping box. My first peak inside the box revealed the new case, an incredible improvement in and of itself! Then, once I slowly opened the case, I truly could not believe my eyes when I saw the beautiful, as-close-to-perfect-as-possible looking flute inside. As I just stared at it in awe, I couldn't help but wonder if it looked somewhat like that when I got it 30 years ago. I had no idea how far from new it had become. I guess we have aged together! I literally checked the serial number just to make sure it was the same flute.

The flute is an absolutely beautiful work of art. Its potential as an instrument is limited only to what the user can do! There is another component to your work, however, for which I'd be remiss if I failed to express my deepest gratitude to you. Since my first email to you, you have responded to me in such a way that I felt a great peace about sending my flute off to someone far away whom I'd never met or even heard of! Your love for the flute and the professional way in which you operate your business quickly made me feel confident that I had found the right person to send my flute to. I cannot thank you enough for your prompt, courteous emails. Never once did I have to worry about the status of my flute ... you were always one step ahead in letting me know the latest! Thank you for recognizing how special my flute is to me, even though you deal with countless flutes (that are probably just as important to their owner as mine is to me!) year after year, and for responding to me in a way that let me know you would respectfully handle my flute in your care.

I can't wait to have the chance to "show off" my flute. Although I am not around other flutists on a regular basis, I will highly recommend you whenever I have the chance. And I will definitely send my flute to you again, much quicker than in 30 years, to keep it playing and looking its best.

Thank you so much, Boris. I truly appreciate you!


I have been practicing so much on it that I have not had a chance to thank you!!! It is amazing...not kidding! It is better than when I first bought it! And it looks fantastic! I just really cannot thank you enough. The key action is so light and easy. I just really cannot thank you enough. I had given up on some entering some competitions this year because my other flute will not be back until March, however, I am going to do them now because my Haynes is playing great! All thanks to you. I will spread you name to all of my flute friends!! Thank you again!



Yucatan symphony orchestra

Thank you so much for a wonderful job well done! My flute arrived today and it plays beautifully!! :-) I'm very pleased with the results. I haven't seen it this shiny in years! :-) Thanks again for everything.
Thank you, thank you, thank you. I am still warming up, but my flute has never played better. It seems to sing or ring. It is so much more responsive. I can't begin to tell you how much I appreciate your fine work.
Dear Boris and Jean. Thank you for the fast repair of my flute. 2 years was too much time between adjustments. The sound is beautiful.
Thanks again,

Good morning, Boris!

I hope your Christmas was a very special day for you and your family.

My son is so happy with the flute. He said it plays really well. It looks brand new!


I received the flute back on the 24th and have been playing at all
week. It looks great and it sounds wonderful! Thanks for your
excellent work on this instrument. The improved sound has really
renewed my interest in playing and practicing again.
I truly appreciate how very accommodating you have been and what a wonderful overhaul you did on our son's flute.

We'll be in touch for the yearly clean, oil, and adjust!



Just wanted to send a note to say thank you. I got the flute and it plays lovely.

Thanks again,

Got it! It plays great. Thanks for the quick work on it.


I got the flute today.
I'm so very pleased. I'm also amazed at how easy the high notes play. The flute looks brand new.


I received the flute today. It plays so beautifully that it is unbelievable. It has never sounded so good, even when I bought it 20 years ago. Thank you for your fine, incredible workmanship.


Thanks so much. You have been very easy to work with.
Glad to see you are back in the states. =) My flute is still working beautifully.


Boris and Jean,

The flute arrived yesterday afternoon! I don't know quite what to say except "Thank You"! It is beautiful and as Boris assured me, it plays better than when it was new! It is such a pleasure to do business with professionals, especially in this day and age. It plays so fluidly and the entire register speaks beautifully! Thank you again. You both share a wonderful "gift"!



Hi, I am sending you a Gemeinhardt 3SH flute that I purchased. It does not play and needs work. You fixed a flute that I had sent you before and it plays great, in fact it is my favorite flute. I want the overhaul service with the Valentino Synthetic pads. I am not sure what it needs but, please tell me what it needs... thanks,


A belated thank you for the lovely job you did on my flute.  It's thrilling to once again shoot for a note and actually have it play!  I'm enjoying it immensely.

Dave Bohling
Dear Boris and Jean,
Thanks so much for the wonderful job you did on my Haynes.  It has never played so easily - in the 35 years that I have owned it!
Thank you so much for my "new" flute!  When I got it back from you the other day, I couldn't wait to try it out. I have almost never been able to get out low C and it just popped right out.  Your repairs were amazing!  I guess I had gotten so used to playing it like that for so long, I didn't even realize what bad shape it was in.  I can't wait for rehearsal to start next week.  Like you said--it's better than new!  I do love it!  I'll be sure to pass your name along to others.

Thanks again,


I can't believe how different my flute is!!!!  It's so easy to play - it even has a different resonance - I can feel more in my fingers now I guess because I can hold it so lightly.

I just can't believe how wonderful it was to play Bach tonight with it -  I don't even have words for it!

I'm so glad I found you!

Thank you SO MUCH,

I didn't have time you drop you an email yesterday, but I wanted to thank you for your meticulous service.  I came home from my concert last night, and, even though I was exhausted, I had to try out my flute.  It is wonderful; it's like new!!!  I am thrilled that you finally fixed the foot joint.  The screw hasn't stayed in since I bought the flute.  The low register speaks sooo much easier!  And, I can finally use my other headjoint now that it is sized!  Thanks for your quick turn around, too.  I will definitely keep your card and pass your name along to people I know. (A lady in my community band has the same flute and is continually having trouble with her screw and foot joint.  She sends her's to Flute World, but no one's been able to fix it correctly.)  Anyway, the overhaul was worth every penny.  Thank you!  Thank you!  Sara
Boris and Jean,
Thank you so much.  I received my new flute in record time, and could not be happier.  I was just leaving as it arrived, but played for nearly an hour when I got home at midnight!  What a fantastic flute.  I had an opportunity to play many top flutes at a convention, including Muramatsu, Haynes, Altus and Brannen-Cooper.  I kept going back to the Sonare.  For me it just played and sounded better.  That is when I decided that it would be my next flute.  The one I received from you, however, plays even better.  The tone and response are amazing.  Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!
Warmest regards.
I just finished my first 30 minutes on my wonderful Burkart.  You did an amazing job.  The flute has never responded before like it does now.  It is like I have never heard my footjoint notes until now. You are truly an artist in your skills and craftsmanship. Clean Clean and Correct.  Thanks a million,


I just wanted to let you know my daughter’s flute arrived yesterday, and she is absolutely THRILLED.  It looks and plays like new, and I appreciate the care instructions too. 

Thanks for wonderful service, I feel lucky to have found out about you!


Boris and Jean,

I received my flute on Tuesday and have had a few days to play it.  It’s wonderful!  It is a real pleasure to play!  The sound is so full and the notes flow easily!

Thank you very much.


I finally got a chance to try my flute out and WOW! All the notes are clear and wonderful. Of course it looks like new too. In particular when I play middle register D it just pops out like it never has. Thanks for the fast turnaround and great customer service too.


Hi Boris & Jean,

The flute arrived back just now, and I gave it a quick test - sounds great and looks wonderful, too. Thanks for turning it around so quickly...

The Powell is working beautifully.  Keys are ALL working smoother than last  time I did the overhaul in 2003.  Good work!

Dear Boris and Jean,

Thank you so much for fixing my flute. It had to be 30 some years since it needed any work. The tone is so much fuller and vibrant. I will be playing for a wedding next week and I am happy my flute sounds so good.


Hello Boris,

I have just received the flute and I gave it a good play: what an improvement!!!  The low register works beautifully again; all of the notes just pop out the way they should. Now I can more surely get on with some quality practice and get my skills back.

I received my  flute yesterday and love the way it plays.  It sings like
it  hasn't sung for a long time.  I don't feel like I'm fighting it

I received the flute yesterday afternoon.   I'm just delighted!   I spent most of the afternoon playing through various pieces, some of which had been giving me problems.    I actually thought my playing was deteriorating and now I find it was my poor flute!   Difficult passages flew off the fingers, high notes could be played whisper soft.    I do not remember ever being so ecstatic after an overhaul before... Again, many thanks!   

Hi Boris,   Great job on my Haynes flute, as always.   The flute looks and plays like new.  Quality work.  Regards,


Hi Boris, I got the flute today, and Boris all I can say is unbelievable. You did a fantastic job. It plays as good as new. I'm beyond surprised. I'm so glad I sent it to you. I thought I would never play that flute again. Thanks so much for a wonderful job done.
Hi Boris,
The flute arrived safely yesterday. It looks and sounds great! I just love the velvety lush sound. I have been testing it out with several headjoints and it seems the wood Bigio works the best. I was surprised to hear such a huge sound coming out of this flute. I am very happy with all your hard work. I know you spent a lot of time on this flute.

Thank you again!

Hello Boris,

I received the flute yesterday.   The adjustments you made make this flute play

better than it ever has. I bought it used so I have yet to experience the 100% capacity zone.

Just writing to say I am pleased with the job and I will contact you regarding the overhaul in 2006.

Thank you

I’m very happy!! The flute never played so well. I used to be a professional flutist until my late 20’s when I lived in Brazil. Since then, I haven't studied seriously enough to feel some real satisfaction. Probably now (in my late 40s) with flute sounding so beautifully it is going to be the incentive I needed to immerse back into music and flute playing.

I will certainly recommend you guys to all my flute friends.

Thank you very much!!

My flute just arrived and it's perfect - plays and looks beautiful couldn't be happier! You have been a real pleasure to work with! Thanks for everything!

Wow !!

Just got the flute. Plays great ! Looks great !
Many many thanks... so happy I found you...

Best wishes,

The flute plays great!

Thank you!

The flute is fabulous!

Boris: The flute resonates like it never has before. Every note is much clearer!

Hi Jean and Boris,

The flute arrived yesterday and it plays beautifully.  Thanks for your excellent work.  Hope you are staying warm and dry on the east coast.

Best Regards,