We install either traditional felt pads or Straubinger pads. If you wish to have other kind of pads installed, let us know. Most beginner and intermediate flutes use felt pads. Straubinger pads are used on, Brannen, Powell, most Miyazawa models, but we can install them in other high quality flutes. We are Certified Straubinger Technicians and have installed them in hundreds of flutes with great results. Main benefits are quicker response which helps when you need to play faster pieces and better resonance because of hard backing and very thin suede under the skin. If you have Straubinger pads in your flute and wish to switch to felt pads, we can do that, but in most cases the problems that are blamed on the pads occur due to improper installation. If you are thinking of buying and installing the pads yourself, we advice you not to do it. Just a friendly advice:) It is more complicated than it seems but it is certainly fun. If you try and get stuck, send it over here and we will finish it for you!

We can install S2.US Pisoni pads as well if available for your flute. They are basically the same as Straubinger's.