About Us

News: We have a new flutemaker helping with repairs, Erik Nugent. He has been working in the industry for about twenty years at Powell Flutes and later at Nagahara Flutes. We may forward repairs to him or ask you to ship your flute to Arkansas directly.

Our company name: SBC, LLC - Scott, Boris, Chris; Three guys combined their skills and resources to offer you great products and services.

Boris Popovich has been in the flute making business since 2000. He learned the art from excellent flute makers in Boston at Powell and Haynes Flutes and later gained experience servicing and upgrading all major flute brands in his own repair shop. Over the years, he has developed many ideas for the improvement of the mechanics, pad seating, and reliability of flutes. All of these ideas are now implemented in the production of Murali Flutes.

Being a flutist himself, Boris pays close attention to all the details in order to satisfy most players' demands. Every flutist has slightly different preferences, but he will try to meet your needs.

We are confident that our quality meets the highest standards of the leading professional handmade flute manufacturers. We give 100% money back guarantee on our services. Read our Testimonials column and see how we can do that.