Short version: Flute is taken apart, cleaned, polished, mechanics tightened, pads, corks, foams, pins and possibly screws and washers replaced. You get back a flute that looks and plays like new or better!

Long version: We examine the flute and assess its condition. The flute is then cleaned and polished. Footjoint and headjoint are fit if they are loose. All corks, felts, foams, adjustment papers, pads and shims are replaced. Keys oiled and tightened. For Straubinger pads, the tubings are fit tighter, tone holes are flattened and pivot screws resized to exact fit. We do not file the tone holes, but only gently flatten them with super fine sandpaper. If sanding toneholes sounds scary to you, please select felt pads, as they have higher tolerance (but lower precision). After the overhaul, your flute should look and feel like new or better. At the moment, we don't do machine polishing. It's all done by hand.

Parts we use:

Valentino synthetic cork ( aka pressed foam) on tails, thumbs, G# etc.
Stainless steel pins if replacing originals
Natural cork on trills, back connector, and D#
Straubinger pads with delrin stabilizers, or highest quality Pisoni felt pads.